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Dynamics CRM 2015: Installing SQL Server 2012

In my early post you have seen Dynamics CRM 2015  setup demo using Virtual Machine. we are done with installation of Windows Server 2012 and configured the Active Directory; it’s now time to install the SQL Server 2012 on the Virtual Machine. This blog covers the procedure to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 on a computer that does not already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM installed.
Before we proceed it is important we understand the minimum hardware and the software requirements for Installing CRM Server 2013.


Software Requirements

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Active Directory Setup

User Accounts

Dynamics CRM 2015 setup on Virtual Machine

With most Microsoft products this is pretty easy to setting up, but Dynamics has a more heavier requirements list.

The prerequisites include:

Windows Server
• Active Directory (yep you’ll need to setup a domain controller)
• SQL Server Server 2012/2014
• Reporting Services 2012/2014

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