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How to Optimize Magento

Magneto is the most preferred shopping cart across the world. For, small business owners who get most of their business from their website, Magento development can prove to be a boon. There are many reasons why Magneto is so popular among small business owners. One of the chief reasons is that because it has got the most advanced technology that makes product browsing, managing catalogs, shipping, order and payment extremely easy. Magneto shopping cart is based on open source technology and hence, is very useful for e-commerce websites.


How to optimize DotNetNuke

In recent times we have witnessed the world’s largest migration, we have seen people migrating from Television to Internet. People used to spend a lot of time ogling at television sets but now they are busy reading blogs or buying clothes over internet. People are not just buying things on internet, there’s a bunch of people who are selling things over the internet too and we call them Internet entrepreneur.


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