Magento Vs Woocommerce.. Whose the winner?

Magento vs WooCommerce. Ready to set up your Ecommerce online shopping site? Undecided on which website to utilize? What provides the best features? Which Is more user friendly? Who has more of the better options for the long term?

1. Accessibility. WooCommerce runs on WordPress. Hence, WordPress must be installed for use of WooCommerce. Magento is accessible on its own. WooCommerce provides default templates, Magento requires more time for actual use.

2. Ease of Set Up. Because you initially are viewing a simple dashboard WooCommerce is more convenient and easier initially. Time is saved in set up. Magento is huge. Everything is set for a complete fit on Magento. Customization is harder because of all of the flexibility it provides for products or services.

3. Options. Most of WooCommerce comes from site settings. Magento outshines in all of its additional product attributes categories. Templates can be made according to an individual item or groupings, be it size, color or combinations. Any type option is provide for Magento sales. There is name, model, brand, sku, weight, color, manufacturer, new date. The list is endless and users select the ones that are pertinent to a specific product.

4. Settings. WooCommerce installation requires WordPress and WooCommerce plug-ins. This includes cart, checkout, accounts and comparable choices. At this point WooCommerce begins looking much better in what it provides. Magento on the other hand takes quite a long time due to the extensive settings. This is because choices are specific. If users initially only need a simple store, default settings are provided. For very detailed stores and product specifics Magento has every imaginable detail. This requires quite a bit of fine tuning.

5. Initial Ease of Use. To get in business quickly, without a great deal of inventory, selections or variance you can set yourself up easily in no time on WooCommerce. If you are starting with a large assortment, with different items and categories, it can be set to the most specific choice with Magento.

6. Long Term Website Choice. Which is the better choice WooCommerce on Magento for your internet business or businesses? If you are just getting started, have very little to sell, wish to get it out there quickly you may want to start out with WooCommerce. After you grow or if you begin with large assortments of many items, Magento is definitely the way to go. Although it is massive and may take a little time to get going initially, should your quantity be large, you will see the pay-off in your sales. Customers prefer to make selections according to specifics. They prefer to shop by cost, color, size, down to the most miniscule detail. Magento is also known for the many services provided. Most all of the apps are either free or very inexpensive. This site covers every detail necessary to begin, operate and grow an international retail business.

While WooCommerce may serve fine as a fast, easy start-up product for a small store, in the long run Magento should be the choice for operation of your Ecommerce business.

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