Improve your Magneto Experience

Improving Your Magento Experience. With the continued increase of demand for Ecommerce services what can be done to help merchants and potential sellers improve their Magento Experience?

1. Change Your Domain. Configure Magento to work with a new domain. This can be done by editing the Magento database. Clear the cache on your cPanel. Select the Magento database. Replace the old name with a new one and save. Many times clearing the cache will fix many problems.

2. Reset the Admin Password. Enable the search engine friendly URLs in Magento to be turned on to use web server remotes. This also prevents would-be hackers from guessing the administrators information and attempting to gain access to it.

3. Speed Up Magento. To speed up Magento go to compilation/function system/tools/compilation. A 25 to 50 percent increase will be shown on loading pages. This not only helps with the site, but easy access discourages shoppers from leaving for a faster shopping site.

4. Re-direct Magento to open in www. Open htaccess file. Locate remote engine and log in to the Magento admin area system. Unfold the change to and save.

5. Important Tutorials. Disable Compare Products. Set up Blog. Add Contact List. Fix Access Denied and Set up Group Discount. Note step by step instructions for each of these. They can improve much of the Magento experience.

6. Utilize Features. Vast amounts of features are available on the Magento Site. Everything needed by the online merchant is available with a simple download. Content security, billing, shipping, inventory control, language and tax services, reports and product browsing are just a few of the services featured. All of these are provided to give store owners the most up to date and professional tools available today.

7. Administration. Improvement of the Ecommerce site can be as simple as administrative tasks. Tutorials are provided which teach the owner how to maintain their site. Transfers are one issue covered in maintenance helps.

8. Note Encryption. Script will provide encryption for merchant Magento sites. That information, however, must be maintained. It must be referenced for credit card and other private data sites. Owners should have ready access at all times to speed up, the set up of some services.

9. Files and Folders. Sellers should determine if Magento will be their primary domain. If so, it should be set up that way. Otherwise, the website will allow for it to be placed in a folder. Determine what your desires and needs are initially and see that everything is set up accordingly.

10. SSLs. It is understandable in today’s world that both merchants are customers are extremely concerned about data breaches. Business owners can assure customers that the SSL Certificate, always verified by the lock logo, will provide access-free protection of their information.

Magento remains the best, comprehensive Ecommerce website available today. Stay abreast of services provided and changes that need to be made on the merchant end. This will provide every tool needed to acomodate every internet market need.

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