How to optimize DotNetNuke

In recent times we have witnessed the world’s largest migration, we have seen people migrating from Television to Internet. People used to spend a lot of time ogling at television sets but now they are busy reading blogs or buying clothes over internet. People are not just buying things on internet, there’s a bunch of people who are selling things over the internet too and we call them Internet entrepreneur.

A smart internet entrepreneur is a person uses all the resources available at internet to sell his services and products. He obviously makes use of a website and search engine optimization to rank higher in search results in order to sell more and more commodities.

Although every entrepreneur is not that smart, some decide to go with incompatible platforms and systems which in long run leaves them with nothing but zero results. DotNetNuke developed on ASP.NET is one platform which allows you to explore the opportunities available on internet for the better of your online business.

If you can use your DotNetNuke site or blog with efficiency then no one can stop you from earning a good fortune from your online business. People generally follow the first step and gets their website designed on DotNetNuke but then they are stuck with the question ‘How to optimize DotNetNuke’.

Optimizing is an important part of the paradigm of success of an internet enterprise. You need to spend a fortune of your time and money into getting your site optimized with search engines because search engines are the only and mighty source of heavy traffic on your site. However, easy innovative simple ideas can save your money and time.

You can follow the steps and tricks to get your DotNetNuke site optimized for better speed and more traffic: –

  • Image Optimization: – You can optimize the images on your site according to the need, using smaller images which are compatible with your site is always a good idea.
  • HTML Optimization: – Getting your HTML code optimized or doing it yourself s always a good idea. HTML optimization includes of things like feeding of Meta description and labels while title creation include things like creation of Meta tags and titles. These tags and descriptions tell the search engine about you and your business.
  • Host setting configuration: – Getting your blog customized according to the host will boost the speed of your DotNetNuke site for better.
  • Request filter setting: – Filter setting, is an important thing if you are looking to keep a ban on the bogus traffic, which brings no good to your site. Search engines like Google defies use of such techniques and hence if your website is having a huge chunk of bogus traffic then you may land up in trouble with Google ranking.
  • Cache Setting: – Cache as we all know is the fastest memory; you can always keep a check on your cache memory for a good speed. You can keep an updated set of files in cache memory for better functioning of your site, so that customers don’t get irritated because of the slow speed.
  • Web Developer:- If you are novice or are preoccupied with your time then it is always advisable to hire an experienced cost-effective web developer to optimize dotnetnuke for your website.

Hopefully, the above ideas have solved your query, of “How to Optimize Dotnetnuke”. Now, time to reap the benefits, don’t forget to inform us!

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