How Magento is making life different for smaller commerce vendors

Magento based websites the best ones for your e-Commerce needs. When you are setting up your first e-store online, it is advisable to use Magento. In fact, this is what most successful webpreneurs will tell you. Selecting Magento as the CMS can be the best option, for your new e-Commerce website for the following reasons:

1. It is an open source
The clients always need an affordable means of launching an e-Commerce website and Magento Community Edition is entirely free to install, and can be used easily. It all depends on how you want to make use of it. Since, it is an open source it has several developers working on it, providing latest updates, and ensuring that there are no security issues. It has several features that can be used to modify the core codes. Features can be purchased from Magento connect marketplace.

2.- Specifically created for e-Commerce

Magento has got enterprise-class features and flexibility to create e-commerce websites that you desire. By developing a website on Magento you can achieve better results than what you could have got through CMS plugins. For example, using Woocommerce on WordPress or Drupal Commerce on Drupal platforms.

3.- It is fully scalable

For a fast growing and expandable business Magento is a high performance and scalable e-Commerce solution. One of the reason is, that it is very flexible to adapt to any kind of changes you need and add new features to your business requirements during the process of your business expansion. There are about 500 companies using Magento CMS such as Nike, Fiji Water, Harper Bazaar and Olympus etc. Basically, it has got the enterprise class features that you need to create an e-Commerce solution tailored to your needs to drive more traffic to your stores. So, that it can be ultimately converted into buyers thus, increasing the online revenue.

4.- You will make more money

According to the studies done by Forrester Consulting, it was observed to enhance their incremental online revenue growth as compared to the other e-Commerce solutions and have experienced an increase of 17.3%. From this about 20 % is directly attributed to Magento Platform. Some of the merchants were interviewed for their views and found that Magento was excellent with a stable, scalable and flexible platform offering the best solutions. It offers merchants to create mobile optimized sites in a faster way.

5. – Performance
Magento uses the latest techniques such as Varnish making it more flexible in performance. This has made it one of the key performers. It offers huge impact on the conversion rates and saves your time simultaneously.

6.- Flexibility
Magento is a feature rich eCommerce platform that comprises open source technology, providing the merchants with flexibility and control over the function of their e-store. It has the ability to create rich differentiated consumer experiences from the desktop to mobile for your business with flexibility. It is therefore very essential to have a good hold or knowledge of web development so that you can maximize Magento’s flexibility.

The above 6 reasons are fully sufficient for you to get transformed to a Magento user. Do make use of this for better business success.

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