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Magento Upgrade from to Wondering about an upgrade of an existing Ecommerce Magento website? Beginning a new site and unsure if there true advantages in the upgraded version? Will it actually be beneficial? What are the real differences?

1. Responsive Web Design. Magento was developed October 2011. There are 150,000 lines of code that make it up. The new version makes installation of responsive themes a great deal simpler to load. It has a frame with themes built in. This allows for greatly improved mobile and tablet use. Products are currently loaded in half the time on these devices. It also makes for much improved organization. Customers are able to maintain their order page, while navigating elsewhere for questions they have. This is a huge feature in a mobile society.

2. Feature Improvement. While Magento provides great data security features, it is now better than ever. The version has repaired over 550 components that will make it much more usable and even more secure for merchants and customers.

3. Paypal Changes. The newer version provides substantial improvements in handling of customer shipment addresses than before. Taxes are now much easier with the express check-out.

4. Shipments. Shipping through the United States Postal Service and the big delivery companies is improved with It makes the entire process of obtaining merchandise much better and easier. Notifications to the buyer and other features are more efficient.

5. Product Revisions. Customers will see great improvement in product purchases. Magento has reviewed every area that had any minute issue and made it better. One example is purchases of duplicate items. This is much easier to handle with the newer version.

6. Improved Code Base. The new Magento provides an improved, cleaner revision. Support is better in the With 100,000 customers it is vital to the company that each is taken care of effectively.

7. International Support. With increased foreign market trading, a better system was provided in the new site. It shows customers in foreign countries a single price. Regardless of the specific tax base, it is offered clearly and in an uncluttered manner. This helps in both sales and purchases in other countries.

8. Better Check Out Services. The comes with a greatly improved check out service. The “Bill Me Later” has been added to the site. This is a feature that many customers prefer. Specific widgets are provided, which are customizable to the merchants. It is extremely helpful in their Ecommerce management.

9. Order Revision Improvement. Magento’s new product makes change of orders much easier for everyone. Sites no longer have to be refreshed for change of purchase selections. The merchandise can be re-selected easily.

Merchants and people as a whole, generally fail to embrace change. In the stiff Ecommerce competition today, sellers really cannot afford to not make revisions when a new product helps sell merchandise. In today’s online shopping world it is more vital than ever before that the most polished, up to date Ecommerce site is provided for customer growth. Magento will make that happen.

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