Features of Magento

Features of Magento. The online marketing and sales website, Magento, is undeniably the best of its kind available today. The outstanding services are what has made it so popular with merchants all over the world. There are many features that make Magento what it is.

1. Security. In the world we live in today, being assured financial and personal information is 100 percent safe is foremost on the minds of merchants establishing online shopping sites. They must be totally confident that no hacker of any kind can access customer information. Magento provides SSL Certificates. This assures buyers worldwide that data transmission is totally secure. This means Magento payments, of all types, web access, mail or any other personal information is totally protected. Data is encrypted to protect data transfer and prevent editing of information.

2. Analytics. To be successful in any type business, owners must receive data to determine future plans and view past results. Merchants are provided with reports through Magento, in different formats on varying information. This is a vital service for a successful online business.

3. Payment Services. Magento features any payment method desired. Paypal, credit card, check, money order, Google Checkout, the list is seemingly endless. A one-page checkout is provided. The service makes the process seamless for merchant and customer alike.

4. Site Management. For sales in an international marketplace, many aspects must be handled. Magento provides multiple websites for varying languages. United States and international tax rates are set up. The website provides customized templates to fit the need of every market.

5. Order Management. Another outstanding feature of Magento is administration of product services. This is handled for different areas. Varying invoice options are provided. Shipments, call centers, order options, everything needed to operate an online business is provided through this one website.

6. Product Browsing. One of the most important aspects of any sale is viewing the merchandise. Images of products, options, reviews, comparisons, wishlists. Magento has it all. Catalog browsing is also available.

7. Management of Catalog Services. Product inventories are managed. Batch export and import items are handled. Tax rates are provided to fit the applicable location.

8. Order Status. Magento is one ecommerce site that provides not only current information, but history as well. Product feeds, email services to customers, billing by default and shipping are all available. Every method of shipment is available. Products can be sent to multiple locations. Flat rate and all other services such as UPS and FedEx are available.Items may also be charged to UPS and FedEx accounts.

9. Customer Service. Magento provides every needed option for serving the customers. “Contact Us” forms are provide for questions or concerns. Order tracking is available. Customizable emails are available.

For any ecommerce sales business here is no website with the features provided by Magento. It offers everything needed to ensure the merchant’s online store has every professional tool available today.

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