Configure alternate access for mappings in SharePoint 2013 : Part 1

SharePoint 2013

In this article you will learn how to configure alternate access mappings in SharePoint 2013.Each of  web application can be associate with a collection of mappings between internal and public URLs. Both  the url’s internal and public consist of the protocol and domain portions of the full URL.

A public URL is what users can access the SharePoint site, and that URL is what appears in the links on the pages. Internal URLs is in the URL requests that sent to the SharePoint site. Many internal URLs can be associated with a single public URL it means we can use many internal URL’s for single public URL.

DoMagento.com: Google Trusted Stores and Magento

The badge for Google Trusted Stores gives your visitors confidence in the knowledge that yours is a great shopping site. The badge is earned free of charge. This comes with immense benefits including an increase in orders due to boosted confidence. A code will be added to each page if you are running on Magento. It displays the badge clearly such that shoppers can trust your site. Domagento.com helps you to make the application and acquire necessary certification.


Dynamics CRM 2015 setup on Virtual Machine

With most Microsoft products this is pretty easy to setting up, but Dynamics has a more heavier requirements list.

The prerequisites include:

Windows Server
• Active Directory (yep you’ll need to setup a domain controller)
• SQL Server Server 2012/2014
• Reporting Services 2012/2014

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