Magento vs Woocommerce: Know the Best E-commerce Platform

Magento and Woocommerce are the top ranked platforms in the market today. One is a singular product provided by ebay while the other is a WordPress plugin. Each has attracted a community of supporters based on its strengths and weaknesses. Entry into the ecommerce business requires careful consideration of the options. Given the two platforms, which should be your best bet?

Platform against Plugin:- 
What makes magento benefits pronounced is that it is a complete platform as opposed to woocommerce which is a WordPress plugin. It means that Magento comes with an advanced structure and functionality that will enhance the performance of your website. You have to install the woocommerce plugin on to a content management system (CMS) to ease utilization. However, the features offered by each vary and therefore provides unique opportunities.


Why Magento Development is the Foremost Choice for Ecommerce Business

Why Magento Development is the Foremost Choice for Ecommerce Business

The decision to settle for Magento as your preferred ecommerce platform should be informed by attested benefits. The benefits Magento ecommerce given below are as a result of customer reviews and the experiences of developers using this platform. Magento will open a new chapter for your business by offering the following advantages over other products in a similar category.

Magento allows you to create a perfect ecommerce store regardless of your sales target. You can design a site to sell as little as ten items or as much as ten million items. The type and size of your website will be accommodated by Magento.  It even allows you to handle fluctuating traffic with the changing seasons of the year.


Upgrade Magento to

Magento Upgrade from to Wondering about an upgrade of an existing Ecommerce Magento website? Beginning a new site and unsure if there true advantages in the upgraded version? Will it actually be beneficial? What are the real differences?

1. Responsive Web Design. Magento was developed October 2011. There are 150,000 lines of code that make it up. The new version makes installation of responsive themes a great deal simpler to load. It has a frame with themes built in. This allows for greatly improved mobile and tablet use. Products are currently loaded in half the time on these devices. (more…)

Responsive Themes

Responsive Themes in Magento. When setting up ecommerce businesses it is imperative to have a website that adapts easily to different screens on various devices. With the right browser compatibility your products can be viewed on tablets, phones, any device with clear and distinctive readability.

The merchant’s goal is to present products with clean, elegant, high tech style regardless of where the customer is located. Mobile accessibility is more important than ever in a busy world. (more…)

Magento Vs Woocommerce.. Whose the winner?

Magento vs WooCommerce. Ready to set up your Ecommerce online shopping site? Undecided on which website to utilize? What provides the best features? Which Is more user friendly? Who has more of the better options for the long term?

1. Accessibility. WooCommerce runs on WordPress. Hence, WordPress must be installed for use of WooCommerce. Magento is accessible on its own. WooCommerce provides default templates, Magento requires more time for actual use. (more…)

How to install Magento

Magento Installation. There are two methods of installation of Magento to begin online business. The fastest and easiest is use of cPanel. This enables quick installation in a fraction of the time of manual installation.

1. Access the cPanel on the computer. It is located on the lower potion of the cPanel below Domains. (more…)

Boom in E-commerce

Ecommerce Boom. Ecommerce, or sales online, is seeing a continued increase in the United States as never before. What has caused the dramatic internet sales increase? What is the future of it?

With America becoming more and more a society of convenience,internet shopping is seeing huge growth annually. With the desktop computer, shoppers began taking advantage of the conveniences of buying at home to avoid crowds, lines and traffic. Free shipping, seen as the number one feature enticing ecommerce, has drawn more and more. (more…)

Features of Magento

Features of Magento. The online marketing and sales website, Magento, is undeniably the best of its kind available today. The outstanding services are what has made it so popular with merchants all over the world. There are many features that make Magento what it is.

1. Security. In the world we live in today, being assured financial and personal information is 100 percent safe is foremost on the minds of merchants establishing online shopping sites. They must be totally confident that no hacker of any kind can access customer information. (more…)

Improve your Magneto Experience

Improving Your Magento Experience. With the continued increase of demand for Ecommerce services what can be done to help merchants and potential sellers improve their Magento Experience?

1. Change Your Domain. Configure Magento to work with a new domain. This can be done by editing the Magento database. Clear the cache on your cPanel. Select the Magento database. Replace the old name with a new one and save. Many times clearing the cache will fix many problems. (more…)

A Glimpse of Customized Magento Themes

Online shopping is the latest buzz in the internet world.Soon, after the onset of ingenious online shopping popular web machinery, the vast explosion of online shopping portals can be easily witnessed.Today, you can get almost anything at your door steps with just a click of your mouse, thanks to the immensely popular virtual shopping stores. There are numerous e-commerce friendly web content management systems, however, amidst them Magento is the most proficient open source web content management system to build online shopping stores. (more…)

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