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Kentico Deployment on Azure

1 Deployment

1.1 Kentico Deployment on Azure

1.1.1 Azure Support

On the Scale page of the Azure Management Portal, you can manually scale your application or you can set parameters to automatically scale it.

A. Manually scale an application running Web Roles or Worker Roles

On the Scale page, you can manually increase or decrease the number of running instances in a cloud service.

1. In the Management Portal, click Cloud Services, and then click the name of the cloud service to open the dashboard.
(more…) Google Trusted Stores and Magento

The badge for Google Trusted Stores gives your visitors confidence in the knowledge that yours is a great shopping site. The badge is earned free of charge. This comes with immense benefits including an increase in orders due to boosted confidence. A code will be added to each page if you are running on Magento. It displays the badge clearly such that shoppers can trust your site. helps you to make the application and acquire necessary certification.


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