Monthly Archive: March 2015

How to install Magento

Magento Installation. There are two methods of installation of Magento to begin online business. The fastest and easiest is use of cPanel. This enables quick installation in a fraction of the time of manual installation.

1. Access the cPanel on the computer. It is located on the lower potion of the cPanel below Domains. (more…)

Boom in E-commerce

Ecommerce Boom. Ecommerce, or sales online, is seeing a continued increase in the United States as never before. What has caused the dramatic internet sales increase? What is the future of it?

With America becoming more and more a society of convenience,internet shopping is seeing huge growth annually. With the desktop computer, shoppers began taking advantage of the conveniences of buying at home to avoid crowds, lines and traffic. Free shipping, seen as the number one feature enticing ecommerce, has drawn more and more. (more…)

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