Monthly Archive: February 2015

Features of Magento

Features of Magento. The online marketing and sales website, Magento, is undeniably the best of its kind available today. The outstanding services are what has made it so popular with merchants all over the world. There are many features that make Magento what it is.

1. Security. In the world we live in today, being assured financial and personal information is 100 percent safe is foremost on the minds of merchants establishing online shopping sites. They must be totally confident that no hacker of any kind can access customer information. (more…)

Improve your Magneto Experience

Improving Your Magento Experience. With the continued increase of demand for Ecommerce services what can be done to help merchants and potential sellers improve their Magento Experience?

1. Change Your Domain. Configure Magento to work with a new domain. This can be done by editing the Magento database. Clear the cache on your cPanel. Select the Magento database. Replace the old name with a new one and save. Many times clearing the cache will fix many problems. (more…)

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