How to Optimize Magento

Magneto is the most preferred shopping cart across the world. For, small business owners who get most of their business from their website, Magento development can prove to be a boon. There are many reasons why Magneto is so popular among small business owners. One of the chief reasons is that because it has got the most advanced technology that makes product browsing, managing catalogs, shipping, order and payment extremely easy. Magneto shopping cart is based on open source technology and hence, is very useful for e-commerce websites.

But every website is unique and the requirements are also unique. So, optimizing Magneto as per your own website becomes a necessity. At times, due to overload of data, magneto makes the website performance slow. So, it is necessary to keep it’s performance so good that you don’t lose out on business. Let’ take a look at How you can Optimize Magneto for your eCommerce website:

1. Accelerate Magneto by Cleaning Data Log

When you are running an online store using Magneto, it is crucial that you keep only the necessary data and not the old useless one. Many e-commerce websites have too much data stored which is out of use. So, cleaning the database is the easiest method to accelerate your Magneto performance.

2. Change Magneto Caching Engine

Magneto has got the slowest default caching configuration, although it has been designed to make it perform better. Therefore, since, Magneto uses File system cache it needs to be changed to increase it’s performance speed. Configure Magneto caching system to Varnish Cache and you will see the best speed you have ever experienced. Varnish cache can accelerate Magneto speed by two hundred times! This is indeed a great speed and you know with a good performance speed your sales will definitely shoot up.

3. Optimize Your Server for Magneto

You need to have a server that supports Magneto, but if that doesn’t support it fully then you will have to optimize it accordingly. Remember, it is difficult to configure your server for Magneto so it is better to get a web hosting service that is Magneto-friendly. In order to have your website running smoothly, use a web host that at least has Magneto experts. Try to research on the internet with web-hosting forums where you will get useful information regarding the best servers that support Magneto.

4. Get a Good Web Developer

This is, perhaps, the easiest and most useful way of optimizing your Magneto. You need to get a good web developer who can get your Magneto optimized. An expert web developer with a good reputation can give your e-commerce website the required boost by speeding up Magneto. Before hiring any web developer to make sure that the individual/company will be providing the required result in a given span of time. However, don’t make unrealistic expectations and do your homework before assigning the task. Another thing is by hiring a web developer for Magneto optimization, you will be saving your time and money for other useful tasks.

I hope you found the above article informative. Time to get started with the magic of Magneto, isn’t it?

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